“In Real Life”

We explore the digital landscape meeting others from all over the world. We pop in and out of our temporary existence seemingly undaunted. The line between what is real and not real is very thin. The visual effect of media in any form sets our course of cause and effect. The more time we spend online to either work or play begins to tip the balance. The term ‘in real life’ becomes almost not applicable.

The effect of our digital lives on our real lives is evident. We have a world with a tweet can be changed forever. So what is real is my question, as I write here in this virtual space. It is all part of a larger reality, something we may not see? The next time I use the term ‘in real life’ I will pause and think. The human side of this world seems to be fading away as the digital world grows blurring our reality.

~ Celtic Axe ~


Digital Liaisons


I recently arrived here in this ‘digital world’ again. I find it unique, interesting and  curious meeting some who fit these terms. To observe here in Second Life can be very fulfilling for myself as I explore. I was an explorer here years ago, I regret not staying here and keeping this part of my existence. The last few weeks as I envelop into character the decision to stay aboard this time is pending. For myself to have a purpose is to have achieved your true destiny.

That is something this world of Second Life can offer many, the reflection of ones self, if you want to see it or not. It may be only a small part of all your existence, but it could be a very important part. I sit here in this restaurant, relaxing, writing my morning story. The visual environment along with the audio does affect my creative mind in a very positive way. I see the benefits of this very popular place now more than ever.

The human side of the avatar sometimes can be hard to find here. It could be just who I am, I may carry me with me. That is what many may find here at the end of things, a part of their true self. I found some things myself here in the last few weeks. I have met a few veterans frequenting the Second Life grid. They all have an interesting past and reasons for traveling here, building relationships, working or playing. Like any place in any-world within areas you travel remember one thing, you reap what you sow.

This brings me to the adult side of Second Life, the main focus for many here. This side of life is different for so many people. I like reading profiles and most will clue you in on what you may expect, I see why they do this now. Not everyone in this world has respect and couth manners. Not all people are rude like this of course. The virtual world can create monsters or lure them, but many have long term relationships including marriage. I have wandered the romantic gardens here, and to see them in love is very heartwarming. I also visited clubs alone and the feeling of the odd guy out was real in a room full of people who had friends. It was like a real bar, fun but not my thing really, I was soon bored  like ‘real life’ I soon wandered to the forest to write.

To find a soul mate here I see as possible for me as it would be for anyone. So in my world a digital liaison would be way more than superficial, empty chat logs, but possible. The commitment of two people and meeting in this way is special. It may become our future, allowing us to meet someone we would never have met. So as I get up from my virtual breakfast let me put out my smoke and toss a five Ls bill on the table. I am off to someplace unusual and interesting, filling my gallery, purging my mind. If we know a mountain exist then we must climb this mountain, it is our human desire.

David Deuspiritus

~That was real deep 🙂